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With iStakeWallet, you can leverage the advancements of artificial intelligence to take control of the cryptocurrency market.

BTC/NSE 4.9%



ETH/NSE -8.9%



XMR/NSE -2.4%



LTC/NSE 7.6%



XRP/NSE -3.3%



PTC/NSE 12.9%



BSD/NSE 4.9%



ARC/NSE 7.0%



BNK/NSE -4.95%



BYC/NSE -7.49%



IPT/NSE 14.9%



CPX/NSE 9.46%



Automated AI Powered Market Analysis

Our AI models have been trained with millions of Terrabytes of data, with which they are able to accurately analyse market trends


+15.55% +$ 155 $ 41245


-25.01% -$ 524 $ 1458


-5.05% -$ 48 $ 478
Coin Name Symbol Price($) Rating Market Cap Trend(%) Dynamic
Bitcoin (BTC)
$42542.25 5 $725,354M 02.25%
Ethereum (ETH)
$1,851.35 2 $425,424M 01.30%
Litecoin (LTC)
$875.10 3 $80,450 01.65%
Monero (XMR)
$1240.21 3 $120,451 02.15%
Ripple (XRP)
$1,315.15 4.7 $201,201 01.12%
Auroracoin (AUR)
$3,659.33 2.9 $2,545M 02.02%
Potcoin (PTC)
$9,124.32 4.9 $97,545M 02.85%
Aichain (AIT)
$2,336.84 4.3 $140,451 01.34%
Auroracoin (ARC)
$2,112.85 1.5 $95,741 03.12%

Our Main Features

Smart Trading Modules

Our smart trading modules enable dynamic strategies that adapt to changing market conditions. Whether it's trending or ranging markets, you'll have the right tools at your disposal.

Automated Risk Management

When it comes to trading in the volatile world of cryptocurrencies, managing risk is paramount. Our auto crypto trading bot takes risk management to a whole new level, ensuring the safety and security of your investments.

Dedicated Wallet Manager

Think of your wallet manager as your trading partner. They're committed to your success and will hold you accountable for your trading decisions, ensuring you stay on track.

What Our Clients Say

Trusted by over 126,750 traders around the world. iStakeWallet Trade, you can besure your trading skills are matched.

"Using iStakeWallet has been a game-changer for my crypto portfolio. The automated risk management features and the constant market monitoring have given me peace of mind. I can't imagine trading without it!"

- Nicky Reo

"I've been trading cryptocurrencies for years, but iStakeWallet has taken my results to the next level. The dedicated account manager provided invaluable guidance, and the smart trading modules have boosted my returns. Highly recommended!"

- David Warren

"As a newcomer to crypto trading, I was initially hesitant, but iStakeWallet made the whole process incredibly easy. With the support of my dedicated account manager, I felt confident from day one. It's been a fantastic experience!"

- Jennifer Marry

iStakeWallet Performance Metrics

Get an insight into how our AI has performed in the past couple months.

Information Since Last Bot Update
Update Time 15th Sep 2023 12:00AM EST
Next Scheduled Update 30th March 2024 12:00AM EST
Total Allocated for ICO 60,000,000
Algo Feed GPT+
Soft Cap $1.45M
Most Traded Tokens ETH, BTC, LTC
TTL Projection
  • days
  • Hours
  • Minutes
  • Seconds

Staking session ends June 15th, 2024

Volume = $8,000,000
$ 6,087,500
$ 10,000,000
  • Soft Cap:  100,000 USD
  • Min. transaction volume: 0.23 ETH
  • Target:  19,000,000 USD

Ts and Cs Apply

Wallet Management

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, effective wallet management is the cornerstone of a secure and streamlined trading experience. At iStakeWallet, we understand the critical role that wallets play in the crypto ecosystem, and we've designed a robust Wallets Management system to empower you on your crypto journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

iStakeWallet is an advanced automated crypto trading bot designed to execute trades on your behalf. It employs sophisticated algorithms and strategies to analyze market data and make informed trading decisions automatically.

Getting started is easy! Connect your wallet and follow the setup instructions. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive documentation make the onboarding process seamless.

Absolutely! iStakeWallet is designed to cater to users of all experience levels. For beginners, we offer intuitive settings and a user-friendly interface. Advanced users can customize strategies and settings to align with their specific trading preferences.

iStakeWallet utilizes advanced risk management algorithms to analyze market conditions and adjust your trading strategies in real-time. It includes features such as position sizing, stop-loss, take-profit, and portfolio diversification to minimize risk exposure.

Certainly! iStakeWallet is flexible and can be used alongside manual trading. You have the option to execute trades manually or allow the bot to automate the process. The choice is yours.

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